About Fuelplanner

Fuelplanner estimates fuel requirements and generates realistic loadsheets for selected simulation aircraft. Enter the origin and destination (four-charachter ICAO format), select your aircraft and press the Create button.

Fuel usage estimates are based primarily on flight simulation data, and include base fuel for taxi-out, departure climb, enroute cruise, descent, and for taxi-in. Reserves include fuel for alternate/diversion (45 minutes), holding (30 minutes), and contingency (varies by ruleset). The default display for non-registered users uses the FAR Domestic ruleset and all weights in pounds.

Enroute time is block estimated gate-to-gate. The default payload is based on 2008-2009 national load factors for U.S. flights, and is adjusted monthly to reflect seasonal variation and interpolated daily.. Payload includes weight for passengers, carry-on bags, and checked luggage.

The online version of the fuel planner is free. Advanced options are available after free registration.